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        Announcement of Openly Recruiting Deans and Division (Center) Directors of the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study, Ocean University of China

        Ocean University of China is a key comprehensive university in both “Project 985” and “Project 211” under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education, which is also included in China’s plan of building “Double First-Rate” universities and in the A category. The Institute for Advanced Ocean Study is a comprehensive research institute for marine science and technology with substantive operation as we combine the university’s technological and talent resources. It aims at promoting the development of a world-class university and serving the national strategy of building a strong maritime country and of innovation-driven development, the Belt & Road initiative and regional socioeconomic development. The objective of the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study is to facilitate China’s efforts in enhancing its maritime strengths and exploring frontiers of global marine research, and to promote interdisciplinary studies of marine-related subjects, the integration of science and technology and that of scientific research and education. With institutional innovation and integration as well as resources sharing, we will establish a high-level platform for marine innovation and talent, a center for talent cultivation, and a world-class institution for marine science and education which can lead the country’s innovative development in marine science and technology. The Institute for Advanced Ocean Study is the pilot area for system mechanism and the reform area for institutional innovation, which is relatively independent in terms of personnel, finance, scientific research, development management and resource diposal. It will establish three research divisions (the Division for Ocean Dynamic Process and Climate Research, the Division for Marine Ecosystem Environment Research and the Division for Marine Geodynamics and Resources Research), three centers (R&D Center for Ocean Observation Technology and Equipment, Center for Ocean Big Data and Center for Major Instrumental Analysis) and the College of Future Ocean.


        I. Positions Available

        Dean of the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study                                                                One
        Director of the Division for Ocean Dynamics and Climate Research                                  One
        Director of the Division for Marine Ecosystem Environment Research                               One
        Director of the Division for Marine Geodynamics and Resources Research                      One
        Director of the R&D Center for Ocean Observation Technology and Equipment               One
        Director of the Ocean Big Data Center                                                                               One
        Director of the Center for Major Instrumental Analysis                                                       One

        II. Basic Conditions

        1. Obey Chinese constitution and law and love the career of higher education. Have physical and mental health, good moral character, style of democracy, fairness and decency, honesty and integrity, rigorous scholarship, strong professionalism, spirit of innovation and collaboration, as well as good academic reputation.

        2. Be familiar with the laws of higher education and have strong ability in organization, management, and leadership. Be capable of providing innovative and strategic ideas for the development of college, and of fulfilling tasks such as platform and base development, team building, talents cultivation, scientific research, and social services. Applicants with management experience in institutes (departments) and research division (center) of well-known universities at home and abroad are preferred.


        3. In principle, domestic applicants for deans of the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study should be academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering, while oversea applicants should meet the recruiting requirements for the first-level professors of “Zhufeng Scholars Program”; Applicants for directors of the research divisions and centers should meet the recruiting requirements for special professor in “Implementation Measures for ‘Zhufeng Scholars Program’ in Ocean University of China” (attachment1).


        III. Duties

        1. Take full responsibility for the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study or the research divisions (centers), formulate and execute development plan for institute or research divisions (centers), as well as improve innovation capability and level.

        2. Establish cultural and institutional environment conducive to the gathering and performing of high-level talents, introduce and cultivate high-level talents and young academic talents, as well as formulate and implement the development plan of talents team.

        3. Focus on the country's major strategic needs, and be active on planning and organizing of the application for national major and key projects.

        4. Grasp the development frontiers and national strategic needs, adapt advanced management experience at home and abroad, and put forward the establishment of the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study or research divisions (centers) according to the development goals and tasks proposed in university’s “word-class university” plan.


        5. Expand international exchanges and cooperation, strengthen contacts with internationally renowned universities, academic organizations or research institutions to establish stable long-term cooperative relations.


        IV. Employment Term and Treatment

        1. The first employment term is five years, with one year of probation. During this period, full-time employment should be performed. When the employment term is over, according to the assessment situation, the employees can be rehired in corresponding positions or become faculty members with long-term employment after consultation by both sides.


        2. During the term of employment, the employees can enjoy the corresponding treatment of academician or “Zhufeng Scholars Program” at different levels, and they can also obtain the performance allowance granted by the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study according to the annual assessment.


        V. Recruitment Procedures

        (I) Individual application
        Applicants must sign up by e-mail or letter by April 16th, 2018 and submit the following materials in both paper format(one copy) and electronic version.

        1. “Enrollment Forms for openly recruited deans and division(center) directors of the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study in Ocean University of China” (Attachment 2);

        2. Each copy of the attachment materials should be bound into one volume in the following order, which mainly includes:
        (1) Catalogue of attachment materials (page numbering is required);
        (2) Copies of the degree certificates for undergraduate, master and doctor, and title certification;
        (3) Copy of ID card or passport;
        (4) Recommendation letters from three peer experts at home and abroad, as well as their contact information;
        (5) Proof materials for hosting scientific research projects in the past five years; copies of award certificates; copies of five representative papers’ full texts and corresponding cover pages and catalogs in the magazines published; copies of cover pages, catalogs, copyright pages and papers’ front page of others listed in the form; search proofs of SCI, EI, ISTP, etc.;
        (6) Proof materials for service at home and abroad;
        (7) Other proof materials which can reflect academic level and capability.

        (II) Assessment
        The university organizes experts to have assessments on applicants’ materials and thus select candidates. According to the above basic conditions and the recruiting process for special professors in “Zhufeng Scholars Program”, interviews are conducted to determine the candidates for appointment. The university will provide round-trip travel and accommodation fees from residence to unviersity for candidates who join the interview.


        VI. Contacts

        Mailing address: Human Resources Office of Ocean University of China, 238 Songling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong Province.
        Postal code: 266100
        Li Zhaobin  Tel:+86-532-66782519  E-mail:
        Lin Xiaopei  Tel:+86-532-66782853  E-mail:linxiaop@ouc.edu.cn




        1.Attachments1-Implementation Measures for Zhufeng Scholars Program in OUC.PDF

        2.Attachment 2-Application Form for the Deans and Division(Center) Directors of the Institute for Advanced Ocean Study, Ocean University of China.doc


                                             Ocean University of China

        April 16th, 2018