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        China Fisheries Alliance for New Agriculture Established in Qingdao

        On September 26, 2020, China Fisheries Alliance for New Agriculture (hereinafter referred to as Alliance) was officially established in Qingdao. The Alliance is a non-profit organization launched by OUC. The purpose of the Alliance is to improve the discipline of fisheries to meet the new needs of the industry.


        President Yu Zhigang delivered a speech on behalf of OUC, extending his congratulations the establishment of the Alliance. He said that under the background of developing new agriculture, the discipline of fisheries should make adjustments and cultivate talent to meet the needs of the industry. OUC will work hand in hand with other institutions to achieve the goal.  


        The Alliance has brought together 27 universities, 15 enterprises, 7 research institutes and associations. Upholding the principles of joint contribution, shared benefits, equality and win-win cooperation, the Alliance pools quality teaching resources and research strength of universities, enterprises, research institutes and industry associations. It will improve the structure of the discipline and and accelerate the cultivation of leading talent in this field.