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        Dong Fang Hong 3 Successfully Completed a Comprehensive Scientific Expedition of the National Natural Science Foundation of China

        On October 7, Dong Fang Hong 3, a new type research vessel of OUC successfully completed a comprehensive scientific expedition, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The expedition covered the distance between the northeast South China Sea and Luzon Strait, and lasted 70 days. The ship returned to its home port at Qingdao’s Olympic Sailing Center, and its crew was received by Vice President Yan Ju of OUC.

        The voyage had two stages, with a distance of 9,405 nautical miles. A total of 78 researchers participated in the expedition. They were from Ocean University of China, Xiamen University, Southern University of Science and Technology, Fudan University, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Guangdong Ocean University, Institute of Oceanography of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Nanhai Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Prof. Zhao Wei and Associate Prof. Zhou Chun of OUC served as chief scientists. 129 stations have been completed in this voyage. The expedition reached 129 environmental monitoring sites. It focused on the multi-scale dynamic processes such as circulating currents, mesoscale eddy and internal waves, and their impacts on biogeochemical processes and ecological environment in the northeast South China Sea and Luzon Strait. To promote interdisciplinary development, three refined operation areas were specifically set up to study dynamic environments such as mesoscale eddy, deep western boundary and abrupt terrain. Interdisciplinary observations that integrated physical oceanography, marine chemistry and marine biology were conducted. 

        During the short stay at the port in Sanya for personnel rotation and replenishment, a special event was held for the newly enrolled graduate students of OUC’s Sanya Oceanographic Institution. All the teachers and students were invited to board the ship for a tour. On the National Day, a themed event My Motherland and I was held for the crew.