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        Vice President Wang Jianmin Attended the Sino-Japanese (Shandong) Education Cooperation Conference

        On December 1, 2020, the Sino-Japanese (Shandong) Education Cooperation Conference was successfully held in Jinan. Wang Jianmin, OUC’s Vice President for Financial Affairs, attended the meeting.

        Wang gave an overview of OUC before reviewing the university’s exchanges and cooperation with Japanese universities and research institutes.OUC has been engaged in academic exchanges with Japanese universities since 1980s. Over the past 4 decades, it has cooperated with dozens of Japanese universities such as TokyoUniversity of Marine Science and Technology and the University of Tokyo, and achieved fruitful results in cooperative research projects. OUC is willing to work more closely with Japanese universities in teaching, research and marine-related industries, jointly developing marine science and technology to create a safe, green and sustainable marine environment anda beautiful blue homeland.

        The meeting was jointly held by the Education Department of Shandong Province and Japan-China Cultural Exchange Center. Representatives from 366 Chinese and Japanese universities, colleges as well as primary and secondary schools attended the meeting on site and online. The Sino-Japanese (Shandong) Education Cooperation Alliance was officially launched during the meeting. With the mission of establishing a permanent exchange mechanism for Sino-Japanese exchanges, the alliance will focus on high-level cooperative education, talent cultivation, research and academic exchanges.